2022 Light Activations



8.8 Lion’s Gate Activation

Lion’s Gate 2022 brings a powerful alignment back to Sirius, which until now was impossible due to all the distortions within the planetary and pyramid grid systems. This is truly a time to celebrate!

New communication grids, ley lines, and networks become active as higher Light Architecture anchors onto the planet and your ability to connect with the crystalline core of Gaia strengthens.

Platinum and White Diamond Sun codes streaming in from the Cosmic Heart through the Cosmic, Rishi, Great Central, and Solar Sun(s) brought instructional codes and a realignment with your personal clock shield.

Gemstone Codes of all colors flowed from the Cosmic Heart, through the Suns beyond Suns and your Galactic Star, then aligned into a perfect harmonic sequence to begin the next stage of preparation for the reassembly of your 12-strand DNA.

Connecting to Your Anuhazi (high dimensional consciousness feline Beings of Light), Azurite, and/or Sirian aspects brings new levels of love, courage, and stamina to support your continued embodiment of higher Light.

Finally, and as if calling home, each participant sent a beacon of Light back to Sirius from the top of the capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza to signal your ability to anchor the next level of Light architecture onto the planet. A beautiful activation of Light! Thank you for participating.


Unraveling From The Construct of Linear Time

This activation prepares your body for the next phase of the ascension process. Linear time, which we experience in the binary system, is shifting. Within the new Triwave magnetics, time doesn’t exist and/or is not experienced in the same way. It is another step towards living multidimensionally.

Working with White, Platinum, Blue, Pink and Green Diamond Codes of Light, a “inventory” of your fields is done and adjustments made within your own personal clock shield. The clock shields are more about alignment than time.

In addition, a group “snapshot” was taken as a representation of the collective, to enable higher levels of assistance from our Pleadian and Arcturian counterparts and the Green Mantis Magnetic specialists.

Another level of clearing was done around your root/base or foundational energies to assist you with shifting out of 3D time and into quantum time to facilitate a shift in perception at this level of consciousness. This includes helping to release “lower” emotional hooks and triggers.

Activations Notes

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8.8 Lion’s Gate Activation
Unraveling From The Construct of Linear Time