2022 Light Activations



The Father Principle Discs & White Diamond Sun Codes

A part of the Father principle architecture, consisting of 15 horizontal discs, were activated within your Lightbody structures. This 15:15 architecture works with the Mother principle 13:13 architecture within your ascension vehicle of Light.

Prior, Light blueprints coming from the core of Gaia purged distorted memory, encodements and blueprints within your matrix to prepare for higher levels of truth to be embodied.

A massive Pineal/Pituitary Activation commenced as access to higher Light information continues to become available. Higher Blue Flame Melchizedek aspects began to integrate, as distorted grids continue to unlock.

Finally, White Diamond Elohei Sun Codes were infused as they danced upon the horizontal father principle discs within your fields. This is one powerful activation!


Full Merge with Crystalline Core of Gaia

As Gaia continues to awaken, more information is available from her crystalline core, which is her High Heart. This activation allows us to fully merge with the crystalline core, verses anchoring or tapping into it, for the first time. This infusion of Light information upgraded the earth star into a crystalline emerald format.

The High Heart mechanisms receive an activation and recalibration to facilitate the influx of information and Light codes, preparing to move beyond 360 degrees into higher levels of multidimensionality. To help our physical body evolve, the nervous system and mitochondria also received support and healing.

It’s time to start connecting to our Paschat (I tend to add an “n” in my pronunciation), Sirian and Pegasus aspects and teams even more.

Activations Notes

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The Father Principle Discs & White Diamond Sun Codes
Full Merge with Crystalline Core of Gaia