2022 Light Activations



Andromeda Galaxy Codes

Preparing for more of Earth’s true history to come to light, we connected to aspects of ourselves in the Andromeda Galaxy downloading information/manuscripts of information about the true origins of this beautiful planet.

Deepening the connection between Earth and Andromeda, this activation continued on for hours, building energetic links to our sister galaxy. Andromeda is acting as a support to the Milky Way in her ascension back into the organic universe.

With our bodies as anchors, frequencies from Andromeda continue to pour into our fields strengthening our connection, while Pegasus aspects of ourselves integrate bringing a heightened sense of unity and knowledge forward.


Fire Alchemy and Luminous Cosmic Heart Infusion

Preparing your body for even deeper embodiment, this activation brought the Alchemy of Fire to purge personal, lineage and even physical locations across the globe. This is followed by a massive infusion of Liquid Luminous Light from the Cosmic Heart to support our physical body to facilitate a deeper embodiment of our true essence. A powerful activation to help move us into deeper states of presence.

Activations Notes

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Andromeda Galaxy Codes
Fire Alchemy and Luminous Cosmic Heart Infusion