2022 Light Activations



Planetary Gridwork

Working together as a synergy of Light, our collective energy gathered high above the Earth as we flooded Light onto certain locations across the globe. Acting as Ambassadors of Light from Star Systems across the universe, we infused the planet with instructional codes to awaken very specific locations upon the Lightbody of Gaia..

Simultaneously, our bodies receive Quantum Cosmic Acupuncture to facilitate this high frequency global work, while opening up meridians throughout our body. With hundreds of cosmic needles pulsing Light from head to toe, our Angelic Human Blueprint activates to the next level of functionality. It’s a wild ride indeed.


Emerald Codes of Albion

Opening our bone libraries of Light, our collective information/energy came together as a synergy of Light to connect into the Emerald encodements of Albion. Working with the Whales, Fairies, Leprechauns, Elves, Unicorns and more, the landscape of Albion lit up as we activated personal and group codes.

The frequency bands of Arthur and Guinevere, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, wove together through our own bodies anchoring a new level of sacred union within.

Activations Notes

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Planetary Gridwork
Emerald Codes of Albion