2022 Light Activations



Higher State of Equilibrium

Everything is a fractal of Source and as our old binary system of polarity continues to come apart and cease to exist, the opportunity to raise our frequency and overlay our electromagnetics with the Triwave becomes even more possible. As the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels of magnetics (chakras, dimensions, etc depending upon the level you’re focused upon.) have been unhooked or unraveled, our ability to anchor fully into our High Heart for our stability, sovereignty, abundance, sacred union, etc., is essential. This transition has been in process for months, but is coming into full fruition.

The Whales, Dolphins, Fire Mermaids, and many other aquatic aspects, along with the water element, collaborated to release any attachments still lingering. The dolphins blow rings of higher water frequency to penetrate deep into your body fluids (water, blood, plasma, etc.) and the whales sing harmonic codes to assist with upshifting the functionality as we continue to prepare our bodies for our Angelic DNA to activate.

Your Galactic Star interface upgrades and reconfigures as Diamond Codes flood your system. The water and blood within your body goes through an alchemical process to assist with moving into and sustaining higher frequencies within your physical and Lightbody. And as time continues to collapse, you are fully anchored into your High Heart as your foundation of balance and equilibrium for functioning/living in the NOW Present moment.

The Diamond Codes also work on your own personal clock shield, as the universal and planetary clock shields (both inverted and organic) continue to realign. This allows you to step into a whole new way of experiencing higher frequencies and magnetics.


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Higher State of Equilibrium
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