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How to get the most from your membership

An Organic Roadmap For Success...

There are so many ways to engage with all the beautiful activations, series and techniques within the Light Portal to assist you with your transformational evolution.  But just like any roadmap there is a logical sequence to follow.

Although there are many interesting and enticing stops along the way, to get to your destination, a clear path is quite helpful.  That is my intention... but as always, I encourage you to also follow your intuition and guidance for slight detours along the way.  😉


First Step: Creating A Daily Practice

Awakening is a process and something that requires some action and attention/intention.  The following are three easy, simple and QUICK techniques that can greatly enhance your daily life.  Beyond basic meditation (which I highly recommend), these go beyond and teach you new skills to operate from your heart, to improve/manager your personal energy fields and how to handle, embody and anchor high level frequencies.

#1 - Your First Skill Set - Learning to live from your heart

#2 - Your Personal Protection & Firewall

#3 - Learning To Be A Conduit of Light

Next Step: Three Foundational Activations..

Now that you've started incorporating a daily practice with the techniques above, it's time to start upgrading your Divine Vehicle, i.e. your body and energy systems to get a much stronger connection and clear old patterns that inhibit your expansion.

The following are three FOUNDATIONAL activations to provide a good starting point.  Each is approximately 50 minutes in length.  I highly recommend doing them in order.


This activation helps to open up your mental mind to work more effectively from the Quantum Field of Potentiality. Working with Light waves to dismantle the parts of your reality that are ready to release, we opened up the field it the NOW moment to call forth the people, places, things, experiences that align with the truth that you are a Multidimensional Master of Light and Source Incarnate.

This process will quickly and easily rearrange your outer reality to align with your highest potential.


This activation brings in and activates the Imagination Light code. This frequency and code of Light is designed to help rewrite any past memories to align with our truth, therefore no longer impeding the present moment outcome.

It amplifies our ability to create our present and past based upon what we choose, rather than unconscious/autopilot programs or memories.


Releasing stored data within the cellular memory of our Super Computer of Light is essential to make room for higher frequencies of Light information to embody.

Working with the crystalline consciousness of Gaia’s light and the Cosmic Heart, our bodies receive the much needed support to “dump outdated energy and memory” to make space for the next level of our wisdom to anchor.

The Path Forward...

Now it's time to dive a bit deeper into an advanced series to upgrade your Lightbody.  I have brought through four modules within the Next Generation Lightbody Technologies for upgrading your Lightbody system, each one building upon the other.  As you work through each module, it allows for a progression, a logical advancement of your ability to integrate higher frequencies of Light.

Just as you can't put a roof on a house without the walls built, the same idea applies.  There is a process, a sequence to maximize your energy systems ability to reconnect and run energy.

When your body upgrades, you begin to access more and more of your intuition, innate knowing, skills and more.  Rarely does anyone have a spontaneous awakening, although it has happened, but for most it's a systematic unlocking of your supercomputer.

The more your body upgrades, the more you are able to access your soul, wisdom and connection to Source energy.

The first module is Lightbody 2.0.  This is a 12 day series (one of the longest I've brought through) as it lays the foundation for what is to follow.

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Work with me one on one...

This is the fastest way to upgrade and get specialized focus on what you need individually.  With your membership you get discounted pricing!  Now you just need to decide which works best for you.  Remember the fast track is only 20 minutes and is for returning private session clients only (within the last 12 months).


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