Cosmic Conversation - July 10th, 2024


July 10, 2024

  • Upcoming August 8 Portal Date: Significance of the 888 energy in 2024 and plans to broadcast from Iceland.
  • Sovereignty: Importance of personal authority and control over one’s unique frequency.
  • Balancing Spiritual Growth and Avoiding Burnout: Listening to one’s body and intuition.
  • Discerning Between Truth and Ego: Trusting the high heart for guidance.
  • Uncertainty of Future Events: Role of individual frequency in shaping one’s experience of the ascension process.
  • Raising Frequency and Staying Aligned with Truth: Navigating ongoing shifts.
  • Dealing with Deep-Seated Fears and Dark Emotions: Tools to shift back into a lighter, more joyful state.
  • Strength and Divine Nature of Listeners: Reminder of their purpose as lightworkers.
  • Unity, Hope, and Resilience: Overcoming current challenges and leading the way for humanity.