Becoming a Master Receiver is all about allowing the energy of Source and the Universe to flow to and through you.  This activation works within your matrix of Light to clear blockages you have to receiving from a mental and/or emotional level, while initiating a new way to be a conduit of Source energy to manifest your heart and soul’s desire into your physical reality.

Working within your matrix of Light, the circuity and connections to receive are activated at a new level, opening up the flow of infinite Light to easily flow in and through you into the world.  

Working with the statements and perceptions of “I Am A Master Receiver of…”   this powerful activation ignites your subconscious to shift into a new level of receiving from the Quantum Field and Source energy.

It is time to shift our perception from “trying to attract” what we desire, to realizing the flow of energy is there and to simply focus on which frequency we want to allow and anchor to bring about our desires.  

This activation helps to create a 180 shift in our perceptions of receiving from the Quantum Field of infinite possibilities.

Light Portal Doors

Open Now Through June 28th