10-10-2020 Accessing Gaia’s Higher Alignments

10:10 Activation

11-11-2020 Activating Quantum Prana/Lifeforce

11:11 Portal - Accessing Your Mastery

11:11 Portal Activation

11:11:11 Mastery Key Code Initiation

12-12 Portal Gateway Activation

12-12-12 Gateway

3.20.2021 - Equinox Activation

5D Body Systems Upgrade

8-8 Lion's Gate Portal

8-8 Lion's Gate Portal

8-8-2020 Lion’s Gate Portal

8-8-8 Lion's Gate Portal

8.8 Lion’s Gate Activation

9-9-9 Portal Activation

A Lightning Round of Transformation

A New Level of Holographic Interface

A New Octave of Transcendence

Accelerating the Dance of Inner and Outer Crystalline Communication

Accessing Ancient Libraries within Gaia

Accessing Atlantean Skills

Accessing Internal and External Libraries

Activating The Field for Conscious Creation

Aligning During Gateways

Ancestral Wisdom - Past Present and Future

Ancient Rhythms

Andromeda Balancing Codes

Andromeda Galaxy Codes

Atlantean Vertical Earth Grids

Atlas Comet - Pre-destined Threshold for Quantum Upgrade

Authentic Self Worth

Balance Into Optimism

Balancing for Hieros Gamos Union

Balancing Into A New Octave of Light

Balancing Our Human & Multidimensional Self

Balancing Through 13D

Becoming A Master Receiver

Becoming The Divine Observer

Birthing into Divine Union through the Sapphire Star

Birthing the New Frequency of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Light

Blessings From the Order of the Rose - Divine Feminine Interface Activation

Bonus Activation for Light Portal Members - March 22, 2023

Breaking Perpetual Patterns

Breaking Personal Illusions

Bridging to A New Timeline

Cellular Memory Data Dump

Christ Consciousness Connection

Clearing Collective Containers To Reclaim Our Sovereignty

Clearing Distorted Ego Programs Blocking Self Love

Clearing Self Sabotage

Clearing Your 1D/2D Root Systems

Collapsing Timelines and Soul Group Karmic Clearing

Connecting To The Web Of Light

Cosmic & Global Heart Connection

Cosmic Acupuncture For Body Awakening

Cosmic Alchemy Ceremony: June 16th, 2019 - 4:00pm Pacific

Cosmic GPS System

Cosmic Heart - 1st Blueprint Installation

Cosmic Heart 1st Initiation - Nervous System Upgrade

Cosmic Heart MotherBoard

Cosmic Library Access

Creating Cooperation Out of Chaos

Creating With Elemental Energies

Crystalline Blueprint for Humanity

Diamond Code Interface

Disconnecting from the Old Distorted Leylines of Gaia

Divine Encodements from the Anuhazi and Whales

Dolphin - Mer Kingdom - Ancient Goddess Frequencies - Igniting New Bone Library Levels

Earth Day 2017

Earth Grid Interface Upgrade

Earth Star Upgrade

Earth/Galactic Star Coherence

Eclipse Power - Breaking Through Barriers

Elysian Tones and Golden Rings Ignition

Embodying a Higher Frequency of the Divine Mother Principles of Light

Embodying Lost Melchizedek Aspects

Embodying Self Confidence

Embodying Your Pegasus-Mer-Lion - Grid Libraries

Embodying Your Pleadian / Sirian / Lemurian and Indigenous Aspects

Embrace Your Warrior Confidence

Embracing the Sacredness Within

Emerald & Sapphire Diamond Upgrade

Emerald Codes of Albion

Emerald Diamond Purification For Sun Code Interface

Emerald Diamond Sun DNA Illumination

Emerald Heart - Blood Purification for Remembering Your Galactic History

Emerald Infusion of Gaia’s Light

Emergent Light

Equinox - All Life In Harmony and Joy

Equinox Balancing Activation

Equinox Call - Being the Vehicle of Change

Equinox Sept 2015

Establishing Equilibrium

Evolution of the Earth Star - Triple Level Interface

Evolving Into A Higher Timeline

Expanding Into a Universal Connection

Expanding the Interface of Your Brain Hemispheres

Expanding Your Heart & Bliss

Fire Alchemy and Luminous Cosmic Heart Infusion

Foundation Connection to the Cosmic Heart

Foundational Recalibration - Bridging to 5D

Foundational Reset into a New Harmonic

Freedom Codes for 2020

Full Merge with Crystalline Core of Gaia

Full Moon/Eclipse - Changing of the Grids

Gaia's Goddess Light

Gaia's Heart Grid

Gaian Light Lens

Galactic Gaian Shield Interface

Galactic Star Plasma Code Library Load

Galactic/Universal Star Map Link - Next Level Nervous System Integration

Gift from Gaia: Your Personal Records

Gratitude Elevated

Heart Portal Alignment

High Heart - Conscious Mind Ignition

Higher Communication Sapphire Star Solar Diamond Code Upgrade

Higher State of Equilibrium

Infusing Your Cosmic Feminine Wisdom

Infusion of Metaphysical Nutrients

Inner Hierogamic Union Begins at the Magnetic Level

Instructional Codes from Gaia and the Cosmic Heart

Integrating Gratitude

Integrating Your Tara/Terra Aspects and more

Key Codes for Manifestation

Light Codes For Mind-Heart Mastery

Listening to Guidance

Living Libraries of True Galactic & Planetary Histories

Luminous Light Coherence

Manifesting Into Physicality

Master Training For Co-Creative Manifestation

Maternal Bloodline Healing

Merging Illusory Timelines

Merging Trinity Light

Meru Monadic Atlantis /Divine Mother Water Activation

Multidimensional System Upgrade - Moving Beyond Fear Based Technologies

Neptune - Integration of Mer Lifetime

Neural Network Interface to the Crystalline Core

Neutralizing The Stress On The Body

New Access Point to the Quantum Field

New Communication Network Interface

New Gaia Neural Pathway Interface

New Harmonics & Solar Sun Codes

New Levels of Earth and Galactic Star Interface

New Mechanics to Strengthen Connection

New Year's Day

New Years Day

New Years Day - 2017

Next Generation Emotional & Mental Bodies

Next Level Upgrade to New Harmonics Communication Link

Order of the Rose: Triwave Magnetic Interface

Organic New Earth Harmonics

Organic Timeline Realignment

Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon

Personal Crystal Skull Activation

Personal Sun Disc Activation

Physical Infusion Of Crystalline Light Frequencies

Planetary Gridwork

Plasma Light Nervous System Upgrade and Gaia Communication Download

Plasma Sun Cellular Proton Activation

Portal of Balance

Portal of Renewal

Portals To The Divine

Pranic Pulse Wave

Prep for Total Lunar Eclipse

Preparation for Anchoring Earth’s True Histories

Primal Repatterning

Purging Old Magnetic Connections

Purification Support

Quantum Access to Soul Fragments

Quantum Chiropractic and Acupuncture Upgrade

Quantum Communication Upgrade

Recoding Our Fields for Clarity and Strength

Recoding the Nervous System for Triwave Interface

Reconnecting to Nature's Rhythm

Reformulating Cosmic & Planetary Union

Releasing Toxic Relationships & Energy

Releasing Your Baggage

Repatterning Jealousy

Reset For Optimum Health

Reset Into Unity

Reset Point For Accelerated Growth

Rewriting Your Emotional Imprints

Rewriting Your Outer Reality

Rewriting Your Past - Imagination Light Code

Rose-Gold Central Column Communication Upgrade

Sacred Diamond Light Initiation

Sacred Rose Gold Lotus Blood Alchemy Activation

Sacred Self Love - Integrating A New Level

Seeding Your Future

Self Awareness Amplifier

Shifting Into Multidimensional Time

Shifting Perceptions of Time

Solar Codes - Pineal Pituitary - Masculine/Feminine Activation

Solstice Activation - Purge and Rebirth

Solstice Cities Of Light

Solstice Gateway of Light

Solstice Stargate Alignments & Higher Dimensional Guidance System Activation

Solstice/Eclipse June 2020 - A New Level of Access

Star System Communication Uplink

Supercharged Mineral Activation

Sweet Surrender

Symbiotic Light Connections

Syncing With The Sun Codes

The 12:12:2020 Gateway - Collapsing Into Alignment

The Emerald Isle & Next Phase of Unlocking Abundance

The Father Principle Discs & White Diamond Sun Codes

The Flow Of The Eternal Circle

The RA Center and Realignment to True North

Through Cosmic Thresholds

Time Keepers - Portals to No-time

Torus Field of Freedom

Total Solar Eclipse Activation

Transforming Distorted Emotions

Transforming Inner Child Distortion

Triple X Diagonal Unlocking of Gender Energies

Unity Consciousness Reprogramming

Universal Waters - Flow of Divine Mother Energy

Unlocking / Interrupting the Inverted Magnetic Communication Signals

Unlocking at the Magnetic Level

Unlocking of Divine Feminine Elaysa-Melchizedeks Aspects

Unraveling From The Construct of Linear Time

Upgrades for Conscious Connection

Upgrading Your Bio-Electrical System

Upgrading Your Body Suit

Vernal Equinox Bonus Activation

Vessel of Light

Water Alchemy and Divine Universal Mother

White, Pink, Blue, Pearl, Emerald and Magenta Diamond Codes

Winter Solstice - 2016

World Water Day 2017

Your Soul's Desire

Your Trinity Of Light